Crystal structure of 2, 2′-oxybis(4-methylquinoline)

Anaelle Tilborg

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The title compound, C<inf>20</inf>H<inf>16</inf>N<inf>2</inf>O, (I), has been unwittingly obtained from the slow evaporation of a saturated solution of commercial benserazide hydrochloride [benserazide, (II), being one of the principal therapeutic compounds used for the management of Parkinson's disease, mostly used in combination with levodopa]. The molecule of (I) is composed of two planar 4-methyl-quinoline aromatic moieties [maximum deviations of 0.0104 (18) and 0.016 (2) Å], almost perpendicular to each other [dihedral angle = 89.5 (2)°], bridged by an O atom. The supramolecular organization consists of a π-bonded chain, resulting from the stacking of molecules related by inversion centres located along direction [111].

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journalActa crystallographica. Section E: Structure reports online
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 2015

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