Transmission of entangled photons studied by quantum tomography: do we need plasmonic resonances?

Mathilde Remy, Bojana Bokic, Mirko Cormann, Wakana Kubo, Yves Caudano, Branko Kolaric

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We performed quantum tomography to reveal the robustness of quantum correlations of photons entangled in polarisation after their interaction with plasmonic and nonplasmonic environments at normal incidence. The experimental findings clearly show that the visibility of quantum correlations survives the interaction, and that the presence of plasmonic resonances has not any significant influence on the survival of polarisation correlations for transmitted photon pairs. The results indicate that quantum states can be encoded into the multiple motions of a many-body electronic system without demolishing their quantum nature. The plasmonic structures and their resonances only enhance the overall transmission. Thus, they could benefit the pair detection rate, that is the number of coincidences per unit of time, but they do not affect the visibility of quantum correlations. We also performed quantum tomography of the entangled pairs after interaction with the continuous planar gold film as a function of the incidence angle. The latter illustrates the loss of polarization correlations that arises from the partially polarizing properties of the isotropic sample out of normal incidence. Our work shows that plasmonic structures are not needed to exploit quantum entanglement if the rate of coincidence counting is sufficient.
langue originaleAnglais
Numéro d'article065011
Nombre de pages10
journalJournal of Physics Communications
Numéro de publication6
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 26 juin 2019

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