University of Namur

  • Belgium

Projects 1963 2023

Structural approach of M.tuberculosis phosphoserine phosphatase as drug target for the design of original inhibitors

Pierson, E. & Wouters, J.


Project: ResearchResearch, Dissertation project

A political and institutional laboratory: urban communities between Seine and Meuse, 1050-1250

Frippiat , T. & Nieus, J.


Project: ResearchResearch, Dissertation project

Novel exo-glycal synthetic methodologies applied to the preparation of biochemical probes

Cornil, J. & Vincent, S.


Project: ResearchResearch, Dissertation project

LQ-optimal regulation of nonlinear distributed parameters systems, application to tubular reactors

Hastir, A., Winkin, J. & Dochain, D.


Project: ResearchResearch, Dissertation project

Convention de collaboration/co-financement avec UHasselt

Linard, C. & Van Welde, L.


Project: ResearchDissertation project

La régulation émotionnelle dans l'apprentissage

Fischer, L.


Project: PHDDissertation project

Structural study of membrane proteins involved in chemoresistance of cancer cells

Dal Maso, T. & Wouters, J.


Project: ResearchDissertation project, Research

Microscale thermophoresis for the analysis of biomolecular interactions

Frédérick, R., Sonveaux, P. & Pochet, L.


Project: Research

DoIFAD: Design Of peptide Inhibitors Fighting Autoimmune Disease

Leherte, L., Laurent, A., Vercauteren, D. & Jacquemin, D.

1/01/18 → …

Project: Research

Bifunctional Boron Catalysts and Receptors

Berionni, G.


Project: ResearchIndividual grant

EUROSIGN: Comparative Approach on European Sign Languages

Meurant, L., Sallandre, M., Garcia, B., Becker, C., Plaza-Pust, C., Van Herreweghe, M., Vermeerbergent, M., Barberà Altimira , G., Capirci, O. & Nyst, V.


Project: Research

CÉCI – Consortium of high performance computing centers

Champagne, B., Lazzaroni, R., Geuzaine , C., Chatelain, P. & Knaepen, B.


Project: Research