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The University of Namur research portal fosters the access to scientific and research information that will give quick, dynamic and up to date information regarding who is an expert in a specific topic and what are the research thematic developed by individual researchers or research entities like departments, institutes or technology platforms. Created to provide an institutional repository and digital preservation service for research output generated by the University of Namur community, the research portal has evolved into a comprehensive source of information on all aspects of the University's commitment to research, hence building a key element of its visibility. This information is retrieved from the database Pure. A key feature is its repository of research material, harboring links to the electronic full text of peer-reviewed articles and conference papers, as well as book chapters, these and other forms of written research from the University of Namur's academic staff, post-docs and PhD students. Other forms of research data, including working and discussion papers, technical reports, preprints, research datasets and software, can also be deposited.

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