Corpus interrogation and grammatical patterns

Kristin Davidse (Editeur Scientifique), Caroline Gentens (Editeur Scientifique), Lobke Ghesquière (Editeur Scientifique), Lieven Vandelanotte (Editeur Scientifique)

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The studies in this volume approach English grammatical patterns in novel ways by interrogating corpora, focusing on patterns in the verb phrase (tense, aspect and modality), the noun phrase (intensification and focus marking), complementation structures and clause combining. Some studies interrogate historical corpora to reconstruct the diachronic development of patterns such as light verb constructions, verb-particle combinations, the be a-verbing progressive and absolute constructions. Other studies analyse synchronic datasets to typify the functions in discourse of, amongst others, tag questions and it-clefts, or to elucidate some long-standing problems in the syntactic analysis of verbal or adjectival complementation patterns, thanks to the empirical detail only corpora can provide. The volume documents the practices that have been developed to guarantee optimal representativeness of corpus data, to formulate definitions of patterns that can be operationalized in extractions, and to build dimensions of variation such as text type and register into rich grammatical descriptions.
langue originaleAnglais
EditeurJohn Benjamins
Nombre de pages350
ISBN (Electronique)9789027269744
ISBN (imprimé)9789027203717
Etat de la publicationPublié - nov. 2014

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NomStudies in Corpus Linguistics
EditeurJohn Benjamins

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