Etude, par microscopie à effet tunnel, de couches auto-assemblées d'esters de cire et d'acide gras
: Mémoire de DEA

  • Cedric Volcke

    Student thesis: DEA typesDEA in Physics and material Chemistry


    During this work, we undertook an STM on self-assembled monolayers of wax esters (palmitoyl palmitate) and fatty acids (palmitic acid) at the phenyloctan/graphite (HOPG) interface. In both cases, the internal structure of lamellae, but also of molecules constituting these ones, could be obtained. Moreover, the use of gold STM tips, chemically modified with 4-mercaptobenzoïc acid and 4-mercaptotoluen, enabled us to identify the STM fingerprint of ester and carboxyls groups in these molecules. Various models, schematizing the adsorption of these molecules, were consequently established. Lastly, we focused on aspects more specific to the formation of monolayers and the dynamics of junctions between domains.
    Date of Award2003
    Original languageFrench
    SupervisorPaul THIRY (Supervisor), Roberto Lazzaroni (Jury), Christine Culot (Jury) & Philippe Lambin (Jury)

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