L’otologie naissante au 19e siècle: entre médecine et pédagogie

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Medicalisation of deafness appeared in the early 19th century. It led tothe creation of otology under the joined influence of two realities aroundthe turn of the 19th century: on the one hand, the development of anexperimental anatomoclinical medicine, offering an epistemological andmethodological frame, and on the other hand the placement of deafchildren together in institutions, which provided a field of observation andexperimentation. It played a major part in the history of the deaf and morespecifically in their education in the course of the 19th century to this day.The link between medicine and education is striking when we discover thehistory of the deaf to this day. We wanted to get a better knowledge of thereasons of this link and of the attitude of hearing doctors, in their relentlesssearch of ways of curing deafness, i.e. to help the deaf hear and talk, as wellas regarding their position in the matter of education.
Original languageFrench
Number of pages21
JournalHistoire, médecine et santé
Publication statusSubmitted - Sep 2019

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