Integrated Park & Ride System

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The idea is to combine the Park & Ride with a demand-responsive urban shuttles system. The potential user of such a system is the motorist
who wishes to go to a town-center for which the private transport accessibility is - spontaneously or intentionally - restricted.

The system to be created had to offer the user the following services :

- a guidance towards a peri-urban parking and the disponibility of a parking space,
- the access to seat(s) in a shuttle within a low amount of time,
- the arrival at a (bus-)stop not too far from the user's destination,
- at the requested time, and in the same conditions as those of the journey there, the access to a shuttle which will bring the user back to the parking.

The system is intended to be implemented in the so-called cities of middle importance, which population is comprised between 50.000 and
500.000 inhabitants.
Effective start/end date1/02/9731/01/99


  • urban traffic
  • modelling
  • demand-responsive transport system


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