Development of a car following model

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This research aims to establish a mathematical and computer car following model, for vehicles on one, two or three lanes. The final goal is
to detect accident conditions.

Car following models are designed to describe how one vehicle follows another. A better understanding of the way drivers follow them, at
a microscopic level, is necessary for a better knowledge of the mechanisms involved in accidents, particularly chain collisions.

The model will have to incorporate differences of behaviour between drivers and different vehicles (lorries and light vehicles), with
appropriate parameters.

The study is realized in collaboration with the Minister of Equipment and Transport (MET), which have to collect data. The University is
responsible of the model calibration and validation. Some other obectives are pursued. The model will have to be used to study
flow-speed and gap-speed curves, and the analysis of platoon driving, under the control of a policeman on a motorbike. Another goal is to
establish road capacities.
Effective start/end date12/04/0031/12/00


  • traffic
  • simulation
  • car following
  • microscopic model
  • lane changing


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