Development and transfer of the technology for rearing perch in Wallonia

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The main focus of the project is the rearing of perch (Perca fluviatilis) to ensure the mastering and transfer of the technology acquired during the previous steps of the Percids project to the final prospective users, the professional fish farmers in Wallonia. The project consists of an analysis of the results collected during the consecutive steps of the production line : management of broodstock and gamete production, semi-intensive rearing of larvae at 17-20°C, intensive production of juveniles in recirculated systems at 20-23°C (1 year/ 50-60g), and the growing period. For this last step, two scenarios are analyzed, namel, a growth period under natural temperature in ponds, cage or raceway during 5 months, and a growth period in recirculated systems at 20-23°C during 3 months. In both cases, the growth period produces individuals weighing between 100 and 150g.
The Ulg and FUNDP are responsible for the production during those steps of the sequence that cannot, at present, be mastered by the producers. It is particularly the case for egg production and weaning of fry, as well as a short phase in the yearling juvenile's life. These operations should be progressively transferred to the producers as well, during the advancement of the development programme.
The project is structured in 4 phases, and is scheduled to be completed within 3 years, starting October 1, 1998.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/02


  • technologie
  • intensive & semi-intensive rearing
  • Aquaculture Perca fluviatilis Région Wallonne
  • Aquaculture Perca fluviatilis Region Wallonne


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