GRID resource information services for scheduling in DIET

  • Peter Frauenkron

Thèse de l'étudiant: Master typesMaster en sciences informatiques


The objective of grid computing is to confederate heterogeneous and distributed computer resources so as to aggregate the power. The scheduler is one element necessary for obtaining high performance of the system and it requires monitoring tools that provide the information crucial for the scheduler to place the request on the different servers. Actually, DIET others the collection of information by FAST [QUINSON, 02]. For this dissertation, a manager for performance prediction tools, called CoRI and a basic measurement tool are developed. The principles of the grid, the scheduling and performance prediction will be introduced by the illustration of DIET. CoRI's design and implementation will be expounded and an overview of some other performance prediction tools available will be shown. Finally the results of a scheduler based on this information will be commented.
la date de réponse2006
langue originaleAnglais
SuperviseurVincent ENGLEBERT (Promoteur)

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