Creativity Triggers
: an Extension and an Empirical Evaluation of their Effectiveness during Requirements Elicitation

    Student thesis: Master typesMaster en ingénieur de gestion à finalité spécialisée en data science


    In this work, we lead an empirical study, extension and evaluation of existing Creativity Triggers. It is a tool that aims to trigger creative thinking of stakeholders during requirements elicitation.
    First of all, we present the theoretical prerequisites regarding Requirements Engineering and Creativity.
    Secondly, we review the literature to make a state of the art of existing tools and techniques that allow the incorporation of creativity in the engineering field. It aims to position the Creativity Triggers against concurrent tools and techniques.
    We then proceed to the empirical part that ultimately creates a revised version of the tool. The first step is to spread an online survey to collect qualities linked to innovation. The second step consists of data treatment. The objective is to create clusters of similar qualities to reduce the data to the main aspects of innovation. The last step is the evaluation of the tool to assess its effectiveness in a real-world project.
    la date de réponse17 juin 2020
    langue originaleAnglais
    L'institution diplômante
    • Universite de Namur
    SuperviseurStephane Faulkner (Promoteur)

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