On-the-fly auditing of business processes

Kees van Hee, Jan Hidders, Geert-Jan Houben, Jan Paredaens, Philippe Thiran

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Information systems supporting business process are mostly very complex. If we have to ensure that certain business rules are enforced in a business process, it is often easier to design a separate system, called a monitor, that collects the events of the business processes and verifies whether the rules are satisfied or not. This requires a business rule language (BRL) that allows to verify business rules over finite histories. We introduce such a BRL and show that it can express many common types of business rules. We introduce two interesting properties of BRL formulas: the future stability and the past stability. The monitor should be able to verify the business rules over the complete history, which is increasing over time. Therefore we consider abstractions of the history. In fact we generate from a set of business rules a labeled transition system (with countable state space) that can be executed by the monitor if each relevant event of the business process triggers a step in the labeled transition system. As long as the monitor is able to execute a step, the business rules are not violated. We show that for a sublanguage of BRL, we can transform the labeled transition system into a colored Petri net such that verification becomes independent of the history length.
langue originaleAnglais
Lieu de publicationEindhoven
EditeurTechische Universiteit Eindhoven
Etat de la publicationPublié - 2009

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    van Hee, K., Hidders, J., Houben, G-J., Paredaens, J., & Thiran, P. (2009). On-the-fly auditing of business processes. Techische Universiteit Eindhoven.