La capture d’Amphissa par Philippe II lors de la quatrième guerre sacrée. À propos d’un stratagème de Polyen (Stratagèmes, IV 2.8).

François-Dominique Deltenre

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    With this paper we would like to discuss the siege of Amphissa by Philip II during the Fourth Sacred War. The modern reconstruction of the events is mainly based on the testimony of Polyaenus (Strategemata, IV 2.8), who informs us about a scheme plotted by the Macedonian king for taking the city. This narrative, however, is highly problematic, because it is probably inspired by another stratagem of Frontinus, used in an entirely different context. Moreover, the factual and geographical consistencies of the episode are questionable on many levels. In this article, an alternative version of these events is proposed, based on a previously neglected passage of Plutarch (Demosthenes, 18.1) that provides a better explanation for Philip’s clemency towards Amphissa after the war.
    langue originaleFrançais
    journalRes Antiquae
    Etat de la publicationAccepté/sous presse - 2014

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