Is the general data protection regulation the solution?

Titre traduit de la contribution: La réglementation générale sur la protection des données est-elle la solution?

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Never has a text been received with so many requests for amendments; never has the debate around it been so huge. Some see it as a simple duplicate of the Directive 95/46; others present the GDPR, as a monster. In the context of this birthday, it cannot be a question of analyzing this text or of launching new ideas, but simply of raising two questions. I state the first as follows: “In the end, what are the major features that cross and justify this regulation? In addition, the second: “Is the regulation adequate for today's digital challenges to our societies and freedoms? The answers given in the following lines express the opinion of their author. It is just an invitation for a dialogue to go forth in this journal where so many excellent reflections have been published on Digital Law, thanks to our common friend: Steve.

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journalComputer Law and Security Review
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