Influence of packing on the vibrational properties of infinite and finite bundles of carbon nanotubes

Luc Henrard, Valentin N. Popov, Angel Rubio

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The quantitative analysis of the vibrational properties of carbon nanotubes is a key issue for the interpretation of Raman experiments. In particular, a reliable characterization of the atomic structure of single-wall carbon nanotubes produced under various conditions is mainly based on the interpretation of low-frequency (100-300 cm-1) Raman spectra. In the present work, we analyze the influence of the packing of the tubes on these low-frequency modes. We find that the low-frequency spectra of crystals of single-wall carbon nanotubes present two intense Raman modes instead of a single fully symmetric A 1 g mode characteristic of isolated tubes. The second mode has a non-negligible intensity for crystals formed with nanotubes of radii larger than 7 Å. For finite number of tubes in a bundle, two breathinglike intense modes appear as a specific signature. Finally, our simulation for inhomogenous bundles made of a large number of tubes does not reveal any specific signature of the individual tubes in the low-frequency Raman spectra.

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Numéro d'article205403
Pages (de - à)2054031-20540310
Nombre de pages18486280
journalPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
Numéro de publication20
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 15 nov. 2001

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