Workshop on semantic techniques for narrative-based understanding

  • Lise Stork (Organisateur)
  • Beuls, K. (Organisateur)
  • Luc Steels (Organisateur)

Activité: Participation ou organisation d'un événementParticipation à un atelier/workshop, un séminaire, un cours


This workshop explores how AI systems can employ narratives in the realization of human-centric AI. Human-centric AI focuses on collaborating with humans, enhancing human capabilities, and empowering humans to better achieve their goals. This requires that we complement the reactive intelligence of today's neuro-statistical machine learning with deliberative intelligence based on rich models of the problem situation: computational representations of narratives, elaborate ontologies, fine-grained semantic parsing inspired by cognitive linguistics and construction grammar, reasoning and inference, mental simulation, the consultation of semantic resources such as knowledge graphs and episodic memories of past situations, and a control architecture that can flexibly combine all these knowledge sources to arrive at coherent understanding.

Besides technical contributions to realize the components needed for understanding, the workshop encourages the presentation of benchmarks as well as demonstrations of AI systems in which narrative-based understanding plays a critical role, such as the decoding and execution of actions needed for everyday activities (e.g. to cook a dish from a recipe), the reconstruction of the temporal and causal relations found in documents (e.g. between historical events leading up to a significant political change), or the formulation of `scientific storylines' in knowledge discovery that combine information across different scientific papers to generate hypotheses or compare and validate experimental evidence.
Période24 juil. 2022
Type d'événementAtelier de travail
Numéro de conférence31
LieuVienne, AutricheAfficher sur la carte
Niveau de reconnaissanceInternational