Ecole doctorale SIG Participatif

    Activité: Participation ou organisation d'un événementParticipation à un atelier/workshop, un séminaire, un cours


    Participatory research has recently been used in numerous studies in geography. Participatory research aims at involving all stakeholders and raise awareness on the spatial implications of decisions, with the objective to reach consensus. Participatory research has been used in renewable resources management and land planning. However, despite great hopes put in the method, a number of biases have been identified. Among them, inequalities in access to participation, or a lack of neutrality in contexts where large disparities in power are found. Such biases question the usefulness of the approach. Is participatory research the latest fashion, or can they really bring significant change to geography? Our keynote speakers will attempt to answer this question, bringing their experience in participatory modeling in GIS in a diversity of contexts (Senegal, Philippines, Thailand, France). Françoise Orban, Pierre Stassart and Nicolas Dendoncker will also share their experience. The seminar will consist in seminars, group discussions and practical activities simulating field participatory research.
    Période28 sept. 201030 sept. 2010
    Type d'événementColloque
    LieuNamur, BelgiqueAfficher sur la carte