Process assessment for use in very small enterprises: the NOEMI assessment methodology

Bernard Di Renzo, Christophe Feltus

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This paper relates to the development and the experimentation of an IT process assessment methodology especially designed to be used in very small enterprises (VSEs). This methodol-ogy, called NOEMI , has been developed as a critical part of a public research project of the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (Luxembourg). Initially the main objective of the NOEMI process assessment methodology was to contribute directly to the implementation of a collaborative IT-sourcing model, developed in the same re-search project. The process portfolio aims at a whole coverage of the usual IT-practices in VSEs. It is busi-ness value-driven and designed in five process areas: infrastructure, service support, man-agement, security, and documentation. The processes themselves are based on a combined approach of ISO/IEC 15504 and the IT Infrastructure Library. The capability model defined in the NOEMI methodology explores the gap between level 0 and level 1 of ISO/IEC 15504 in order to match in a more accurate manner with the reality of VSEs. The capability profile has four levels and is performed for the process areas and not for the processes themselves, so allowing easy comparison between VSEs. We are now performing the seventh experimentation of the NOEMI assessment methodology. Each case has been a success according to the feedback of the VSEs. And we are consider-ing the transfer of our methodology to French and Belgian partners through dissemination projects. It leads us to promote the NOEMI assessment methodology as a public package tool espe-cially designed for use in a VSE context, which aims to enhance business value through IT. This paper introduces the methodology and considerations based on case studies.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of European Software Process Improvement Conference (EuroSPI'2003), Graz, Austria
EditorsVerlag der, Technischen Universität
Place of PublicationGraz, Austria
PublisherRichard Messnarz
ISBN (Print)3-901351-84-1
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • very small enterprise
  • process portfolio
  • improvement program
  • service management
  • ITIL.
  • capability model
  • Assessment methodology

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