ONCE Project - Deliverable 3.3: Comparison of rating initiatives

Béatrice Van Bastelaer, Sophie De Keyser, Virginie Samyn

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    The objective of this deliverable was to compare criteria used in existing rating initiatives with criteria used by children. In fact, it rapidly appears that these criteria are not of the same kind and of the same level. In existing rating initiatives, made by adults, criteria help to describe potential dangerous content or content perceived as dangerous by adults (sex, violence, nudity, ') while criteria used by children qualify a web site (good, bad, interesting, '), sometimes without referring to its exact content. However, FUNDP/MAPI founds interesting to specify more precisely, in this document, how rating initiatives work and which criteria they used. In order to do so, co-operation has been made actively with the 3W3S project of the IAP program, mainly with Virginie Samyn. Contacts have also been taken with ICRA and with CISA, especially with Ann Davison regarding the recent report (28 Nov. 2001) published by the European Economic and Social Council.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationNamur
    PublisherMAPI/CITA - FUNDP
    Publication statusPublished - 2002


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