The mayors in Wallonia and in Brussels under scrutiny: the French- speaking Belgian study of the European mayor

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This project falls within the framework of the comparative international project "European Mayor" and aims to collect original data from all 281 mayors in Wallonia and Brussels. This data do not exist for French- speaking Belgium, even if the issues dealt with by the project "European Mayor" are particularly relevant for the Walloon and Brussels case. A questionnaire on various aspects of local politics and of the career of the mayor will be sent to all the mayors of these two regions and a face-to-face will be offered when necessary. In the longer term, this project will also strengthen the development of a research agenda focusing on local politics in Wallonia and Brussels and pave the way for the analysis of the campaign and the results of the local elections of 2018.
Short titleThe European Mayor - Belgium
Effective start/end date1/01/161/01/18


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