Rehabilitation of the atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the Meuse basin area

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The objective of the project "Meuse Saumon 2000" is to restore the entire life cycle of the Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, in the catchment of the River Meuse. The research and activities in progress are :

Restocking of selected streams, the Samson, the Lesse and the Antrogne, with juveniles reared in aquaculture facilities;
Monitoring of the efficiency of these restockings (population densities, growth, microhabitat selection), and tests with different strains;
Monitoring of the natural catadromous migration of smolts in the Samson
In the Meuse itself, studies on the impact of hydroelectical power plants on catadromous migratory smolts, and design of a migration pass (surface outlet) at the hydroelectical dam of Lixhe (design of the pass, control of the fishes passing through, estimates of the efficiency and attractivity of the pass and their improvement, management of turbine activity, etc.);
Studies on the use of fish ladders, designed for the anadromous migration of adults of all fish species in the Meuse, and drafting of proposals for engineering works;
Studies on morphotypes in trout;
Sensibilization of the public through information campaigns.
Effective start/end date1/02/871/02/01


  • river Meuse
  • nature conservation
  • migration
  • fisheries
  • life cycle
  • species rehabilitation
  • smolt production
  • atlantic salmon


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