Psort : analysis and statistical evaluation

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Descriptif : Prediction of the subcellular localization site of a
protein can be useful to get some indication of its function, as cellular
functions are often localized in specific compartments. This becomes
especially important since complete genomes are sequenced. The expert
system PSORT is able to predict protein sorting signals and their
localization sites in amino acid sequences. Moreover it is the only one
that proposes prediction for the localization sites in bacteria (making a
distinction between the Gram-negative bacteria and the Gram-positive

Our goal was to study the power (or sensitivity, the part of truth found in
the predictions) and the confidence (or selectivity, the part of the
predictions that is true) of the predictions made by the gram-negative
version of PSORT. In order to address that, we have used a novel set of 585
non redundant proteins of known localization
Effective start/end date1/09/981/09/00


  • subcellular localization


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