European Prehistory and Protohistory. First sedentaries societies in Moyenne Belgique, exemple of Hainaut and Hesbaye : neolithisation, development of complex societies, relations between technics and society, definition of culturals entities

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The first aim of the project is to establish the chronology of the earliest Neolithic in the loess zone of Middle Belgium. The period studied extends from Bandkeramik (5200 calBC)to Michelsberg (3600 calBC).
The current objectives are :
- to fill the chronological hiatus between the Blicquy-Villeneuve Saint Germain and Michelsberg cultures;
- to look for evidence in the intermediary region between Hesbaye and Hainaut, where there are no sites for the earlier periods;
- to use pottery decoration to phase the Bandkeramik and Blicquy-Villeneuve Saint Germain cultures;
- to identify where flint was procured, determine debitage sequences, and analyse tool function;
- to study long distance networks of exchange of raw material : adze, flint, stone used for making bracelets in the Blicquy-Villeneuve Saint Germain culture.
Effective start/end date1/01/91 → …


  • pottery
  • culture and society
  • flint technology
  • Neolithic
  • excavations


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