Development of two-color laser sources for sum-frequency generation spectroscopy

  • Peremans, Andre (PI)
  • THIRY, Paul (PI)
  • Mani, Alaa Addin (Researcher)

Project: PHD

Project Details


Development of picosecond OPO pumped synchronously for two-color SFG measurements. This tabletop set-up generates two beams tunable in the visible (410-710 nm) and infrared (2.5-20 µm) spectral ranges. It allows the study of electron-phonon couplings at interfaces. In particular, the KTP/CdSe OPO extends SFG spectroscopy to the 10 to 20 µm spectral range.
Effective start/end date1/10/9731/12/05


  • Oscillateur parametrique optique
  • Generation de frequence-somme
  • OPO
  • Laser
  • Génération de fréquence-somme
  • Infrarouge
  • Visible
  • Spectroscopie
  • Oscillateur paramétrique optique


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