Voice over IP: technical presentation and economic analysis

  • Thomas Lieutenant

Student thesis: Master typesMaster en sciences informatiques


The public switched network is today the way used by each one of us to make a phone call. However, data networks are spreading out more and more and replace the analogue copper wire-based networks. If there already exist techniques that have stood the test oftime to carry voice over data networks, as ATM and frame-relay, the hegemony of IP as regards to priva te or public networks has lead to pose the problem of voice over IP, which continuously gains ground along the fact that the mastering of the quality of service problems are solved. Those are indeed crucial for an IP network. What is therefore the state of art in this field, and what are the situations that can be thought ofwhen wanting to use a VoIP network?
We should not however imagine that, because we are facing a new promising technology, its success will be staggering. This will be the case only if economic reasons are found for its use. We have therefore to ask the question about knowing to
what extent a VoIP network can be interesting for an organisation whose primary aim is not scientific research; thus, we will propose a method to help a decisionmaker think about all the parameters he has to take into account in order to
estima te the opportunity of deploying a VoIP network.
la date de réponse2000
langue originaleAnglais
SuperviseurFrancois Bodart (Promoteur)

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