Towards the thermally reversible adhesion between metallic and polymeric surfaces functionalized by atmospheric plasma polymerization and gas phase reactions

  • Anton Manakhov

    Student thesis: Doc typesDocteur en Sciences


    The industry shows a growing interest for the reversible adhesion property due to their extremely high potential in microelectronics, automotive or food packaging as they can be easily disassemble or selectively remove pieces for repair, maintenance or recycling. For example, it is estimated that 95% of computer parts could be reused or recycled if the reversible adhesives were used for the electronic packaging. But how to achieve this property? In this study it was demonstrated that thermally reversible adhesion between two functionalized surfaces can be achieved thanks to the thermally reversible interfacial Diels-Alder reaction and the functionalization can be performed by a two-steps dry process. First, the atmospheric plasma copolymerization aimed at deposition of the reactive anhydride functions was performed. Then, the gas phase reaction with commercially available precursors was realized in order to graft diene and dienophile groups enabling the Diels-Alder reaction at a solid interface. The chemistry and morphology of the functionalized surfaces were thoroughly studied using WCA, FT-IR, XPS, SIMS, SEM, AFM in order to ensure high concentration of the diene and dienophile groups and smooth morphology of the layer. The assembling of the diene functionalized Kapton and dienophile functionalized aluminium led to a peel strength of 0.5 N/mm, while assembling of native substrates or surfaces coated by plasma layer only led to that of ~0.02 N/mm. By performing heating and cooling cycles during a continuous peel test measurement, the thermal response adhesion was determined. A detailed characterization of the peeled surfaces using SEM, AFM, WCA, FT-IR, ToF-SIMS and XPS allowed for the determination of the locus of failure.
    la date de réponse18 oct. 2012
    langue originaleAnglais
    L'institution diplômante
    • Universite de Namur
    SuperviseurJean-Jacques Pireaux (Promoteur), Stephane Lucas (Jury), Laurent Houssiau (Président), Patrick Choquet (Copromoteur) & Vincent ROUCOULES (Jury)


    • Plasma Polymerization
    • Surface Characterization
    • Reversible Adhesion

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