The impact of MiFID II’s investor protection requirement on Private Bank
: The example of East-West United Bank S.A.

  • Emilie Vande Cappelle

Thèse de l'étudiant: Master typesMaster en ingénieur de gestion à finalité spécialisée en Analytics & Digital Business


The financial crisis of 2008 has highlighted the flaws of the financial markets. Their lack of regulation has been proved to be one of the main reasons for the financial meltdown. In this context, the Market in Financial Instruments Directive II brings new requirements to the financial markets to improve their stability and enhance their competitiveness. This thesis focuses on the investor protection pillar of the Regulation, analysing its impact on investment firms and on private banks in particular. The analysis is exemplified by the implementation of the Directive at a Bank in Luxembourg, pointing out the challenges and opportunities MiFID II has brought to the institution. The conclusions learned at the individual level are then extended to the industry in general, showing the potential mid- and long- term impact the Regulation might have on investment institutions
la date de réponse30 août 2019
langue originaleFrançais
L'institution diplômante
  • Universite de Namur
SuperviseurPierre GIOT (Promoteur)

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