Synthesis of Novel Bifunctional Boron/Nitrogen Frustrated Lewis Pairs

  • Loïc Mineur

Student thesis: Master typesMaster en sciences chimique à finalité approfondie


Catalysts capable of activating stable CH or CC bonds involves transition metals, which are often rare, expensive and toxic. During this Master thesis, we aim to develop a new Lewis acid-base bifunctional catalyst for C-H bond activation using abundant, light and inexpensive main group elements. This catalyst is based on the concept of frustrated Lewis pair chemistry, with boron and nitrogen as they are key reactive atoms for the metalomimetic chemistry required for the activation of small molecules such as dihydrogen, carbon dioxide or carbon-hydrogen bonds. The new intramolecular FLP catalyst’s structure will be based on a bora-triptycene scaffold, which possess a high Lewis acidity of boratriptycene, a rigid structure with nearly parallel orientation of the electron donor and acceptor orbitals, and good thermal stability.
la date de réponse2 sept. 2020
langue originaleAnglais
L'institution diplômante
  • Universite de Namur
SuperviseurGuillaume Berionni (Promoteur)

Attachement à un institut de recherche reconnus à l'UNAMUR

  • NISM

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