SAT-Based Concolic Testing in Prolog

Student thesis: Master typesMaster en sciences informatiques à finalité spécialisée en Software engineering


Concolic testing has been studied for years in the field of imperative programming. However, we can only find a very few cases where this technique is applied to other paradigms, like logic programming. This master thesis aims at presenting a full method to apply both concrete and symbolic execution in parallel on Prolog programs. Our approach is based on a new definition of path coverage, specific to logic programming and called ”choice coverage”. This criteria was defined for the first time by Mesnard et al. (2015). We also introduce a prototype implementation of our algorithm.
la date de réponse17 juin 2019
langue originaleAnglais
L'institution diplômante
  • Universite de Namur
SuperviseurWim Vanhoof (Promoteur)


  • Concolic execution
  • symbolic execution
  • software testing
  • choice coverage
  • prolog
  • logic programming

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