Omnichannel retail operation

  • Audrey Tamo Fokem

Student thesis: Master typesMaster en sciences de gestion à finalité spécialisée en Business Analysis & Integration


The thesis is about omnichannel retail operations, we answer the following question: how do retailers provide a good customer experience regardless of the channel used? To answer this question we have drawn on the thoughts and writings of various authors to show that a good omnichannel retail strategy requires good operational and marketing management of the firm. Specially we have highlighted the thoughts that say a good omnichannel system is one that links its operational and marketing system to form a marketing operational customer-centric system in which the customer experience is at its best regardless of the chosen channel.
In order to situate our theoretical analysis in practice we took the example of Colruyt, a grocery retailer that uses multiple channels and we analysed the challenges that a company of this kind faces today and we showed that implementing an integrated omnichannel management system is a good strategy to address our research question.
la date de réponse3 sept. 2020
langue originaleAnglais
L'institution diplômante
  • Universite de Namur
SuperviseurAadhaar Chaturvedi (Promoteur)

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