Co-Creating Sustainable Systems

Traduction de l'intitulé de la thèse: Co-Créer des Systèmes Durables

Student thesis: Doc typesDocteur en Sciences


This research aims at enhancing co-creative Requirements Engineering (RE) processes, and studying whether their application leads to building more sustainable systems - or not. To achieve this goal, we develop a new combined understanding of creativity and sustainability in RE, and then propose and evaluate techniques inspired by the Improvisational Theatre (improv) world for better co-creation in RE. Despite a clear focus on RE, we will suggest that many of the observations, analysis and conclusions included in this work may have a broader application than solely for RE.
la date de réponse8 juin 2017
langue originaleAnglais
L'institution diplômante
  • Universite de Namur
SuperviseurPatrick Heymans (Promoteur), Michael Petit (Président), Neil Maiden (Jury), Ingrid de Saint-Georges (Jury), Bruno Dumas (Jury), Gilles Perrouin (Jury) & Annick Castiaux (Jury)


  • Cocréation
  • développement durable
  • Innovation
  • improvisation
  • Requirements Engineering
  • design method
  • collaboration

Attachement à un institut de recherche reconnus à l'UNAMUR

  • NADI

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