Acquisistion de Spécification à partir du Langage Naturel

Student thesis: Master typesMaster en sciences informatiques


In this work, we present a method to build a data conceptual schema from information verbalized in natural language. This method has three components : a process, based on models, and realized by softwares. We use two conceptual models : the Entity-Relationship model and the « elementary semantic model », which allows us to represent texts expressed in natural language. The process is divided into steps guiding and controlling the construction of conceptual schemas from texts. It is based on a linguistic approach obtained by formalizing the linguistic mechanisms used by analysts to translate the Universe of Discourse into concepts. This linguistic approach is realized by softwares aimed to mimic the process used by an analyst to produce a conceptual schema form texts.
la date de réponse1997
langue originaleFrançais
SuperviseurJean-Luc Hainaut (Promoteur)

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