Workflow-driven Product Derivation (Invited Talk)

Arnaud Hubaux, Ebrahim Khalil Abbasi, Andreas Classen, Patrick Heymans

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Variability models, feature diagrams ahead, are commonly used to document product line requirements. They are also often used during product derivation where they are fed to configuration tools which support semi-automated feature selection. Configuration tools facilitate this task by automatically propagating the decisions made and by ensuring their overall consistency. However, most feature-based configuration tools assume that there exists a single monolithic feature diagram and do not account for configuration processes that are distributed among various stakeholders who have specific concerns and who intervene at different moments. Our collaborations with industry have confirmed the need for techniques and tools that support such complex configuration processes. This lead us to define the concept of Feature-based Configuration Workflows (FCW). In this talk, we will introduce the main concepts of FCW and report on the progress of FCW automations.
langue originaleAnglais
titreFirst International Workshop on Product Line Requirements Engineering and Quality (PLREQ'10), June 30, 2010 , Essen, Germany
rédacteurs en chefKlaus Schmid
Etat de la publicationNon publié - 2010

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