When the metabolism meets the cell cycle in bacteria

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Nutrients availability is the sinews of the war for single microbial cells, driving growth and cell cycle progression. Therefore, coordinating cellular processes with nutrients availability is crucial, not only to survive upon famine or fluctuating conditions but also to rapidly thrive and colonize plentiful environments. While metabolism is traditionally seen as a set of chemical reactions taking place in cells to extract energy and produce building blocks from available nutrients, numerous connections between metabolic pathways and cell cycle phases have been documented. The few regulatory systems described at the molecular levels show that regulation is mediated either by a second messenger molecule or by a metabolite and/or a metabolic enzyme. In the latter case, a secondary moonlighting regulatory function evolved independently of the primary catalytic function of the enzyme. In this review, we summarize our current understanding of the complex cross-talks between metabolism and cell cycle in bacteria.

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journalCurrent opinion in microbiology
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