Trapping of diffusing germanium by silicon excess co-implanted into fused silica

D. Barba, J. Demarche, F. Martin, G. Terwagne, G.G. Ross

Résultats de recherche: Contribution à un journal/une revueArticleRevue par des pairs


The trapping of germanium by silicon atoms, successively implanted into fused silica, is evidenced after thermal annealing at 1150 ° C. Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy and Raman measurements reveal a linear increase of remaining Ge concentration with the co-implanted Si fluence, accompanied by an increase of the Ge-Ge bond density, respectively. Comparison of Ge concentration profiles with scanning electron microscopy images shows the formation of nanoclusters, resulting from the accumulation of Ge within the region containing a greater concentration of co-implanted Si, whereas nanocavities, indicative of Ge release from nanostructures, are dominant in deeper sample region of lower Si excess concentration.
langue originaleAnglais
journalApplied Physics Letters
Numéro de publication14
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 oct. 2012

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