Traffic control and QoS in IP Networks

Olivier Bonaventure, Véronique Pirot, Emmanuel Hene

Résultats de recherche: Forme non textuelleProduits numériques ou (audio)visuels


This CD-ROM contains the recordings (audio and slides) of a two days advanced course on "Traffic Control and QoS in IP Networks" given by Olivier Bonaventure in October 2000. The course was designed for network engineers from ISPs or router manufacturers. It assumes that the students already have a good knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol suite. It covers the following advanced topics :

  • Applications and their requirements
  • The TCP protocol and its congestion control mechanisms
  • Packet-level traffic control mechanisms (classification, queueing, shaping, policing, Random Early Detection, scheduling, Explicit Congestion Notification)
  • Flow-level traffic control mechanisms (RSVP, constrained routing)
  • Network-level traffic control mechanisms (policies, Common Open Policy Service, traffic engineering, fast restoration)
  • Standardised services (Integrated and Differentiated services)
  • Case studies

The CD-ROM contains the audio recordings, the slides (in pdf and source format) and an extensive bibliography. It requires a web browser (Netscape/Internet Explorer) and the realaudio software that is freely available on the Internet. It has been tested on PCs running Windows 95/98/NT and requires a sound card.

langue originaleAnglais
Lieu de publicationNamur
EditeurPresses universitaires de Namur
Etat de la publicationPublié - 2001

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