Towards formal energy and time aware behaviors in EAST-ADL: An MDE approach

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Energy-aware real-time (ERT) systems are increasingly complex and have pervaded various areas, from automotive to telecommunication systems. Dedicated UML-based modeling languages, such as EAST-ADL or MARTE have been proposed to harness this complexity. However, they provide limited support for modeling ERT constraints, in particular continuous energy consumption. To cope with this issue we introduce a formal interchange language, eXtended Function-block Graphs (XFG), for modeling and analysis of ERT behaviors. An XFG UML profile augmenting EAST-ADL and MARTE is presented to facilitate modeling those behaviors by means of state machines. A set of mapping rules is proposed to automatically transform such profiled models into the XFG language.
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titreProceedings - International Conference on Quality Software
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 janv. 2012

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