Towards a community-based, social network-driven framework for web services management

Hamdi Yahyaoui, Zakaria Maamar, Erbin Lim, Philippe Thiran

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This paper discusses a framework to manage Web services using the concept of community and the metaphor of social networking. On the one hand, a community gathers Web services that offer similar functionalities together. These Web services are referred to as either master or slave. On the other hand, social networking captures all interactions that occur between Web services located in the same or separate communities. Five interactions are identified and referred to as supervision, substitution, competition, collaboration, and recommendation. The mining exercise over the social networks that capture these interactions results in assigning social qualities to Web services, similar to those found in people's daily life such as selfishness, fairness, and trustworthiness. Experiments showing the mining exercise are also reported in this paper.

langue originaleAnglais
Pages (de - à)1363-1377
Nombre de pages15
journalFuture Generation Computer Systems
Numéro de publication6
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 25 mars 2013

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