The Importance of Quality Labels in Consumers’ Preferences

Alain Decrop, Valérie Boembeke

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Quality is a determining attribute when consumers evaluate a tourist service. Due to its intangible nature, a service is difficult to observe and evaluate, which leads to uncertainty in consumers’ mind. Therefore, quality signals, such as brands and labels, are used to reassure them. This research investigates the importance of quality labels in consumers’ preferences. More specifically, we attempt to measure consumers’ sensitivity to a quality label when they choose an accommodation or a tourist attraction. In order to reach these objectives, an experiment (conjoint task) was conducted among 193 respondents. Results namely show that the relative importance of the label “Wallonie Destination Qualité” is higher than the weight given to the brand and is lower than the importance of classification. Tourist organizations should promote such quality labels more extensively and operators should use them to develop new attractive deals.

langue originaleAnglais
titreTourism on the Verge
rédacteurs en chefCorreia Antonia, Kozak Metin, Gnoth Juergen, Fyall Alan
Nombre de pages10
ISBN (Electronique)978-3-319-44108-5
ISBN (imprimé)978-3-319-44107-8
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 2017

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NomTourism on the Verge
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