Pulsed disc accretion driven by Hot jupiters

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We present 2D hydrodynamical simulations of hot Jupiters orbiting near the inner edge of protoplanetary discs. We systemically explore how the accretion rate at the inner disc edge is regulated by a giant planet of different mass, orbital separation, and eccentricity. We find that a massive (with planet-to-star mass ratio ≳0.003) eccentric (ep ≳ 0.1) planet drives a pulsed accretion at the inner edge of the disc, modulated at one or two times the planet’s orbital frequency. The amplitude of accretion variability generally increases with the planet mass and eccentricity, although some non-monotonic dependences are also possible. Applying our simulation results to the T Tauri system CI Tau, where a young hot Jupiter candidate has been detected, we show that the observed luminosity variability in this system can be explained by pulsed accretion driven by an eccentric giant planet.
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Pages (de - à)3920–3928
journalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomy Society
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Date de mise en ligne précoce23 mai 2020
Etat de la publicationE-pub ahead of print - 23 mai 2020

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