ProVeLines: A Product Line of Verifiers for Software Product Lines

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Software Product Lines (SPLs) are families of similar software products built from a common set of features. As the number of products of an SPL is potentially exponential in the number of its features, the model checking problem is harder than for single software. A practical way to face this exponential blow-up is to reuse common behaviour between products. We previously introduced Featured Transition Systems (FTS), a mathematical model that serves as a basis for efficient SPL model checking techniques. In this paper, we present ProVeLines, a product line of verifiers for SPLs that incorporates the results of over three years of research on formal verification of SPLs. Being itself a product line, our tool is flexible and extensible, and offers a wide range of solutions for SPL modelling and verification. Copyright 2013 ACM.
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étatPublié - août 2013
Evénement17th International Software Product Line Conference - Tokyo, Tokyo, Japon
Durée: 26 août 201330 août 2013

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Une conférence17th International Software Product Line Conference
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