Planning with Climate Change? A Poststructuralist Approach to Climate Change Adaptation

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This article calls for a stronger engagement by geographers with the concept of socionature as a vehicle for guiding adaptation thinking in development planning. Drawing on literatures from poststructuralist geographies, it argues for a relational, hybrid ontology of climate change adaptation grounded in multiple perspectives, knowledges, and more-than-human relations. Going beyond this stance, a framework based on the idea of planning with climate change is proposed for a revised approach to adaptation that calls for more-than-social planning practices embedded in radically more integrative planning processes and the redistribution of power across the climate and planning systems. The article ends by highlighting some of the key challenges that such a project faces for scholars working in the field of planning and development research. Key Words: climate change adaptation, development, human geography, planning, poststructuralist theory.

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Pages (de - à)1059-1074
Nombre de pages16
journalAnnals of the American Association of Geographers
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