Photoinduced terminal fluorine and Ti3+ in TiOF2/TiO2 heterostructure for enhanced charge transfer

Jie Hu, Yi Lu, Xiao Long Liu, Christoph Janiak, Wei Geng, Si Ming Wu, Xiao Fang Zhao, Li Ying Wang, Ge Tian, Yuexing Zhang, Bao Lian Su, Xiao Yu Yang

Résultats de recherche: Contribution à un journal/une revueArticleRevue par des pairs


As an effective way to enhance the photo/electro-catalytic performance of titanium dioxide (TiO2) is to explore the positive roles of doped fluorine sites in the fluorinated TiO2 systems, which, currently still lacks the direct experimental evidence due to the complexity of the species involved. Herein, we have fabricated TiOF2/TiO2 with interfacial bridging fluorine (Ti2–F) via a coherent phase transition through hydrothermal synthesis. Nuclear magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance characterization have provided strong evidence of the transformation of the doped fluorine from Ti2–F to Ti1–F and the subsequent generation of Ti3+ at the interface of the TiOF2 and TiO2 under UV–visible (UV–vis) light irradiation. Density functional theory (DFT) calculations and photo/electrochemical measurements further confirmed the electron donor behavior of the Ti3+. The benefit is a significantly enhanced charge transfer efficiency in TiOF2/TiO2, which not only resulted in improved performances for the photodegradation of acetone being 5.5 times higher than the commercial TiO2 but also supported high capacity for sodium-ion storage. Thus, the TiOF2/TiO2 with

Ti2–F provided a perfect structure to investigate the roles of fluorine sites in fluorinated TiO2 systems and their interaction with material properties.

langue originaleAnglais
Pages (de - à)1573-1581
Nombre de pages9
journalCCS Chemistry
Numéro de publication6
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Etat de la publicationPublié - déc. 2020

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