Pharmaceutical Salts and Co-crystals

Johan Wouters (Editeur Scientifique), Luc Quere (Editeur Scientifique)

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From crystal structure prediction to totally empirical screening, the quest for new crystal forms has become one of the most challenging issues in the solid state science and particularly in the pharmaceutical world. In this context, multi-component crystalline materials like co-crystals have received renewed interest as they offer the prospect of optimized physical properties. As illustrated in this first book_ entirely dedicated to this emerging class of pharmaceutical compounds_ the outcome of such endeavours into crystal engineering have demonstrated clear impacts on production, marketing and intellectual property protection of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Indeed, co-crystallization influences relevant physico-chemical parameters (such as solubility, dissolution rate, chemical stability, melting point, hygroscopicity, à) and often offers solids with properties superior to those of the free drug. Combining both reports of the latest research and comprehensive overviews of basic principles, with contributions from selected experts in both academia and industry, this unique book is an essential reference, ideal for pharmaceutical development scientists and graduate students in pharmaceutical science.
langue originaleAnglais
EditeurThe Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN (imprimé)978-1-84973-158-4
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 2011

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NomRSC Drug Discovery
EditeurThe Royal Society of Chemistry

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