Performance of hybrid percids

James A. Held, Robert Mandiki, C. Rougeot, Patrick Kestemont

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Interspecifi c hybrids of several percids have been produced, and some of their production characteristics have been compared with purebreds. Most hybrids exhibited superior growth and survival when compared with same egg-source purebreds, however hybrids derived from parental stocks that produced smaller eggs displayed poorer survival (hybrid yellow perch) and similar growth (hybrid sauger) when compared to the purebred parental stocks that produced larger eggs (Eurasian perch and walleye, respectively). Hybrid walleye and sauger have been shown to be reproductively competent. Performance differences of walleye and sauger hybrids derived from varying geographic stocks were noted and may be a source of future production gains. The use of percid hybrids in aquaculture may be limited by regulatory concerns over the importation and introduction of alien invasive species.

langue originaleAnglais
titreBiology and Culture of Percid Fishes: Principles and Practices
EditeurSpringer Netherlands
Nombre de pages7
ISBN (Electronique)9789401772273
ISBN (imprimé)9789401772266
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 janv. 2015

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