Optimum Number of RLC Retransmissions for Best TCP Performance in UTRAN

Olivier De Mey, Laurent Schumacher, Xavier Dubois

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As far as transfer reliability is concerned, the wireless segment of UTRAN is the weakest part of an Internet session. To overcome this imperfection, the RLC protocol features a link-level retransmission mechanism. In this paper, we show by analytical means and computer simulations that for a given Block Error Rate (BLER), the maximum number of RLC transmissions has a very important impact on TCP performance, both Round Trip Time and throughput. We extend existing models to be able to set a maximum number of RLC transmissions, and we determine the corresponding throughput analytically. We also show that, knowing the current BLER, a network operator may tune the maximum number of retransmissions either to reduce the RTT or to increase the throughput.

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