Opinion dissemination in a swarm of simulated robots with stubborn agents: a comparative study

Guillaume Maitre, Elio Tuci, Eliseo Ferrante

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Classic opinion dissemination models such as Majority model, and Voter model are particularly important in swarms robotics because they regulate the interactions among the agents while the swarm is engaged in collective decision-making processes requiring the consensus of the large majority or the unanimity of the group's members. In this paper, we compare the effectiveness of three different opinion dissemination models in a specific scenario where consensus is searched on an opinion disseminated within the swarm by a small number of legitimate agents. The task of the legitimate agents is hindered by few adversarial agents which disseminate within the swarm an “invalid” message. This scenario is meant to model a data communication manipulation attack in a swarm of robots. By comparing the dissemination models in different experimental conditions, the results of our study inform us on which model is more effective in supporting the case of legitimate agents, while reducing the disruptive effects of the data communication manipulation attack.
langue originaleAnglais
titre2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)
EditeurInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ISBN (Electronique)978-1-7281-6929-3
ISBN (imprimé)9781728169309
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 3 sept. 2020
Evénement2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation - Glasgow, Royaume-Uni
Durée: 19 juil. 202024 juil. 2020

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Une conférence2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation
Titre abrégéIEEE CEC 2020
La villeGlasgow

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