Open Government Data Innovation: A typology of Government and Citizen roles

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Open Government Data is data released by public organizations to enhance transparency, innovation, and participation. To realize these benefits, the obvious role of the government is to publish data while the citizen reuses it to participate in democratic process or innovate, or consumes the solutions made of. In our contribution, we refined the roles of the public actor in the data provision and the citizen in the data reuse and consumption to develop a typology. It reveals four governmental approaches to data value creation: Data over the wall, Enabler, Collaborative, and Data-driven Government. They mirror seven models with specific citizen’s roles. We discuss the resulting models with the concept of common interest. This paper presents a research in progress.
langue originaleAnglais
titre[Provisional] ISPIM Conference Proceedings
Etat de la publicationPublié - juin 2020
Evénement ISPIM Virtual Conference: Innovating in Times of Crisis - Berlin, Allemagne
Durée: 7 juin 202010 juin 2020

Comité scientifique

Comité scientifique ISPIM Virtual Conference
La villeBerlin


  • Open Government Data
  • Government
  • Citizen
  • Roles
  • Reuse
  • Public Interest
  • Typology

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