On Studying Bad Practices in Configuration UIs

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In today’s businesses, configurators are essential tools that allow customers to personalise a product to their specific needs. Being often the first contact between the retailer and the customer, it is important for a configurator to provide a smooth user experience. However, these software have been studied mostly from the reasoning point of view, that is, how to represent the logical relations between the configuration options and how to automatically ensure that the user makes no configuration error. In this paper, we focus instead on HCI and analyse the occurrence of 11 design flaws that occur in 28 car configurators. These flaws includes violations of general HCI principles as well as lacks of essential, configurator-specific functionalities. Our results indicate that most of the studied configurators contain defects in their UIs including, surprisingly, violations of some basic principles of HCIs. Still, the most frequent problems are inappropriate implementations of configurator-specific functionalities.
langue originaleAnglais
titreACM IUI2018 Workshop on Web Intelligence and Interaction (WII 2018)
Etat de la publicationAccepté/sous presse - 2018
EvénementACM IUI2018 Workshop on Web Intelligence and Interaction (WII 2018) - Tokyo, Japon
Durée: 11 mars 2018 → …

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Atelier de travailACM IUI2018 Workshop on Web Intelligence and Interaction (WII 2018)
Titre abrégéWII 2018
La villeTokyo
période11/03/18 → …
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